The Advanced Technology Office has a number of items for sale. This is sold at cost. The costs include CT sales tax plus the cost for shipping. Often prices are lower than what can be found locally. Simply stop in the Digital Media office and request an item. An Advanced Technology staff member will hand you the item and charge your PaperCut account. You will be billed for the item through your bursar account in the next billing cycle. All sales are final - no returns or exchanges.

This is a quick list of what we typically have:

All prices include CT Sales Tax

Modeling Materials from the 6th floor Digital Media Office:

Modeling Materials located in the 4th floor vending machine:

  • Glue Sticks: $5.00/Pack 
  • Elmers Glue: $6.00/Each 
  • Zap a Gap: $15.00/Each 
  • #11 Exacto Blades: $7.00/Each 
  • Sharpie Markers: $2.00/Pack 
  • CNC Tangent Cutter Blades-Single Blade: $2.00/Each 
  • CNC Tangent Cutter Blades-5 pack: $10.00/Pack 
  • Matte Board Cutter: $1.00/Each 
  • 8GB Thumb Drives: $10.00/Each 

Arduino Electronic Components from the 6th floor Digital Media office:

Various sensors for Arduinos

  • Range Detecting Distance Sensor
  • Analog Temperature Sensor
  • Round Force Sensitive Resistor
  • Tilt Ball Switch
  • Tactile Button - On/Off
  • Photo Cell Light Detecting Sensor

Various electronics for Arduinos (resistors, capacitors, etc)

  • Tactile Button - On/Off
  • Potentiometer
  • Capacitor
  • Piezo
  • Transistor
  • H Bridge
  • LCD Screen
  • LED Light
  • 3” Jumper Wires (6 Wires)
  • 6” Jumper Wires 96 Wires)
  • Break Away Headers - 36Pin strip
  • Resistors

Servos and Motors for Arduinos

  • Standard Servo (180 Deg Rotation)
  • Continuous Rotation Servo
  • Servo Extension cables