Printing workflow

In order to be granted a reimbursement for printing, you need to follow these steps below: 

This workflow will ensure for worry free, trouble free, stress free plotting.  This is a curated and regularly checked workflow developed by the DM office to ensure consistent, accurate, and fast printing.

Step 1: Create a PDF from your graphics program.

If you’re printing to the photocopiers, select either an 11”x17” (tabloid) or 8.5”x11” (letter) size page. Any other page size, including those that could fit on a letter or tabloid page will be rejected by the photocopier queue.

If you’re printing to the mylar printers, only use a tabloid size page. Again, any other page size will be rejected by the printers’ queue.

NOTE: There will be a ~3/16” margin around the edge of all sides of the sheet edge on both the photocopiers and the mylar printers.

Print a PDF by going to File -> Print and selecting the Adobe PDF Printer.

Step 2: Open your printed PDF in Adobe Acrobat Pro and click on File -> Print.

Step 3: In the Acrobat printing window select the following options:

  1. Under Printer select one of the following: BW-Photocopier, Color-Photocopier, 6-Color-Laser-ClearMylar, or 6-Color-Laser-FrostedMylar
  2. Make sure Actual Size is selected.
  3. UNCHECK Choose paper source by PDF page size.  <-NOTE: This is different from the Plotting workflow
  4. Choose Auto portrait/landscape
  5. Click Print to send your PDF to the printers’ queue.