Model and Material Library

On your workstation under network locations, open the “S:\Resources and Special Projects\Render Resources” folder on a School workstation to access various 3D models and textures.

This includes:

  • Textures: 1000’s of High quality Jpeg files for texture maps and images used for renderings
  • Miscellaneous Textures: 1000’s of High quality Jpeg files of images of various textures, sky, environments, pictures, signs, etc
  • 3D Models (3DS Mesh Files): 1000’s of various 3D mesh models.  These can be opened in Rhino, 3D Studio, Maya, etc
  • 2D AutoCAD parts: 1000’s of 2D CAD files
  • V-Ray materials, Brazil Materials, and Maxwell Materials: 100’s of pre-made materials