Non-Arch Student Access

Non-Architecture Yale Students:

Students of Yale University have access to some of the faculties at the School of Architecture.  This includes:

  • Wide Format Plotting
  • 3D Scanning
  • 3D Printing

In order to gain access to various resources, you need to complete the following request forms:

Non-Architecture Student Plotting Access Request and Waiver 
(Needs to be renewed every semester)

Non-Architecture Student 3D Scanner Access Request
(Does not need to be renewed)

Non-Architecture Student 3D Printer Lab Access Request
(Does not need to be renewed)

Wide Format Plotting:

The School of Architecture makes available to students at the University the following resources:

  • A selection of wide format plotters
  • 3D laser scanning faculties
  • Submit 3D prints to our 3D Printer lab

Please note: The laser cutters and fabrication facilities are not accessible due to use liabilities and potential equipment damage.

Access to Wide Format Plotters:

Anyone at Yale can plot to the following wide format plotters.  These are located in our print rooms which are just outside the studio floors on the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th.  Non-ID card access is available Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 5:30pm.  

The plotters are:

If you would like access to these plotters, please fill out the following access form and plotting waiver.  Please Note: Plotting access is granted for the current semester.  You will need to re-request access for each semester.

Non-Architecture Student Plotting Access Waiver Form

3D Scanning:

If you would like to use the School’s 3D laser Scanner, please complete the form below.  The school will add you to the login access to the laser scanning station.  You will need to schedule a time with the Architecture DM staff to be let into the Imaging lab.

Non-Architecture Student 3D Scanner Access Waiver Form

3D Printing:

If you would like to use the School 3D Printer Lab, please complete the form below to be given access to our 3D Printer Online submission system.  Click on the link for more info on our 3D Print Lab.

Non-Architecture Student 3D Printer Lab Access Request Form

Non-Architecture Yale Students who are enrolled in classes at the Yale School of Architecture:

Beyond Plotting, 3D laser scanning, and 3D printing access; students not enrolled in the Yale School of Architecture, but who are enrolled in architecture classes at the School, may be granted access to the School’s digital media labs and resources. Access to labs and equipment will only be granted when related to current school course work.