General Use & Access

General Use and Local Administrative Access Guidelines:

Students have the ability to install drivers, hardware, and applications onto school workstations. 

Students are only allowed to install applications approved by our policy as listed in this page and DNO’s (Data Network Operations) standard university wide policy, found here.

PLEASE NOTE: The University Security Office, as well as the Advanced Technology Staff continuously monitor workstations and all network traffic. This monitoring software will flag a user if they install and/or run illegal or unauthorized software.

If a student is caught violating these policies, they will lose administrative access to the schools workstations. They will also be flagged by the University Security Office for further disciplinary action. Please note: This has already happened to an Architecture student!

All software/hardware installed by users under this policy will NOT be supported by the Advanced Technology Staff. If any activity cause issues that prevent workstations from working, the entire workstation will be re-imaged to resolve the issue. The Advanced Technology Staff will not diagnose and fix individual problems.