Semester Registration Activation Form
This form needs to be filled out before the Desktop Workstation can be activated.

Extended Equipment Request Form
Advanced Technology equipment may be checked out for an extended period of time provided it is for a class or studio projects. This form must be completed and approved by the Director of Advanced Technology prior to checking out the equipment.

Special Project Request Form
Use this form to request server space for special projects.

Non-Architecture Student Request forms:

Non-Architecture 3D Print Access Request Form

Use this form if you are not at the architecture school but would like to submit 3D prints to the School’s 3D Print lab.

Non-Architecture Student Plotting Access Waiver

Use this form to be given access to select plotters at the School of Architecture

Non-Architecture Student 3D Scanner Access Waiver

Use this form to be given login access to the 3D Scanning Station.  You will need to schedule a time with the Advanced Technology staff to be let into the lab.