Emergency Contact

Emergency After Hours Calling Service: (Only for File Server and Print Server Related Emergencies)

You can call this phone number for an emergency that occurs after hours:



Emergencies: file server is down (files or folders are inaccessible for everyone), print server is down (no one can print), etc.

Calls are routed to the Yale University call back service (Stericycle). Please explain the emergency, and if severe, the call back service will then phone an Advanced Technology Staff person depending on the emergency.

Not emergencies: Printer is out of Paper or Ink, I don’t know how to use the slide scanner. Individual workstation issues will be resolved next business day. Please use lab workstations in the meantime.

If it is not an emergency, the call back service will not relay your message, but will leave a message for the staff so it can be addressed when they come in.