Arch Student Access

Enrolled Architecture Student Access Guidelines:

Current students of the Yale School of Architecture have access to all of the digital media labs and equipment in the School while the school is in session.

Link to digital Media Schedule what is available as when

Students may use the digital media equipment and the digital media labs for both school and personal related work. Students who are working on academic projects have priority to digital media resources, labs, and equipment. This priority is on a first come first served basis.

Students may NOT use the school’s facilities and software for professional work at any time.

Architecture Students who have Graduated:

Graduated architecture students do not have access to the Yale School of Architecture’s digital media labs or equipment.

Students who have graduated but are currently working on school-sanctioned projects will be given access to resources as needed. The Director of Digital Media, in consultation with the school administration and/or the faculty member in charge of a project, will determine the level of access.