How To:

The Advanced Technology Staff have written tutorials for most of its equipment. If you do not see a tutorial listed or have questions. Please come see us and we can help!

Tutorials are organized in the following categories:

Equipment Tutorials Series of Tutorials covering most of the Advanced Technology Equipment.  This includes how to change the power setting on your workstation to using the various scanners.
File Recovery Tutorials Tutorials on how to recover files and folders from the School’s server storage system.
Connecting Tutorials Tutorials on how to connect to the university network to mapping a printer to your laptop.
Software Tutorials Tutorials on using some of the more specialized software such as software using our 3D scanners, and rapid prototyping software
3D Printing Tutorials Range of tutorials from preparing your 3D models for 3D printing to tool-pathing your model for a particular 3D printer.
Fabrication Tutorials Tutorials on how to prepare your models for various fabrication equipment and how to setup and run the fabrication equipment.