The Advanced Technology staff provides the following resources for the faculty:

A school provided workstation in each faculty office:

Each faculty office contains a school owned high end workstation. These workstations are updated on a continual basis along with the rest of the school’s workstations. These machines receive complete technical support from the Advanced Technology staff.

Access to a laser printer either on the floor or in the faculty office:

Supplies for these printers are handled through the business managers office on the 3rd floor. Technical support for these printers are handled by the Advanced Technology staff. If you would like to use this printer, and need assistance, please contact an Advanced Technology staff member for assistance.

The printers for each faculty machine should already be mapped to the computer. If you do not see the printer, then please contact an Advanced Technology staff member. They will map the printer to you machine.

Faculty cannot print to any of the printers and plotters for professional use. You will need to get written permission from the Dean of the School before access will be granted.

Access to plotters and color photocopiers on the 4th - 7th floors:

Faculty can use the school’s plotters and photocopiers located on the 4th through 7th floors. However, there is a charge for this equipment. Charges will be billed to the faculty’s course or research budget.

Box @ Yale cloud Storage:

Faculty get 50GB of cloud based storage through Yale. An Advanced Technology staff member can assist you with how to use Box @ Yale. Link to Box @ Yale

Flatbed scanner and wide format scanners:

Faculty are welcome to use the flatbed scanners and wide format scanners at the school. Please see an Advanced Technology staff member for assistance with this equipment.

Access to the school’s Advanced Technology Equipment for academic work:

Faculty have full access to the school’s digital media equipment for academic use.  If you need to use the School’s fabrication equipment, 3D printers, or laser cutters, you will need to get written permission from the Dean of the School before access will be granted.

(This equipment cannot not be used for professional work)