Stereoscopic Viewer

Immersive (Google Cardboard Type) Viewer with no magnet: Quantity 15

  • 9 units with the Google cardboard magnet
  • 6 units without a Google cardboard magnet

This viewer works with a smartphone that has the proper viewer software running - see below.  

This device will accept a wide range of smart phones.  (Smart Phone are not provided by the DM Office)  

Phone compatibility chart:

Smart Phone Software:

There are a range of software options.  However, as of the creation of this web page the best options are as follows:

IOS (IPhones):  Upload your 360 videos to YouTube and then download the app: “in360Tube” to your IPhone.  Cut and Paste the YouTube link into the app and then click the  to play the 360 video in Google cardboard mode.  

You can also download the latest YouTube app and see if it has a native Google cardboard mode. As of August 2015 it does not. 

Android Phones: Upload your 360 videos to YouTube and then download the latest YouTube App.  Play the YouTube video in Google Cardboard Mode by clicking on the icon in the video.

QR Code for Google Cardboard:

Scan this code so Google cardboard can recognize the viewer type:

This will only work with 360 degree videos and images.  Instructions on creating a 360 video or image