Plotting PDF-Required Workflow

In order to be granted a reimbursement for plotting, you need to follow these steps below: 

This workflow will ensure for worry free, trouble free, stress free plotting.  The DM staff have worked hard to put together a fool proof method to ensure accurate high quality fast plotting.

Creating the PDF Document to be send to the plotters from your graphics program: 

Step 1: From your graphics program - Print a PDF - Do not save or export a PDF from your graphics program

Set the Document Size: 
When you print the PDF from your graphics program, set the correct document size that you want plotted. Plotting a PDF directly from the graphics programs reduces errors that can occur and optimizes your file for fast high-quality plotting. MAXIMUM recommended document size = 42” x 60”


Leave 1/2” Spacing around your document:

When you setup your document- leave 1/2” free space around the boarder.  If you do a full bleed, the document may rotate to fit it on the page

Step 2: Open the PDF you just printed in Adobe Acrobat Pro 

Set the document’s orientation to the plotter:
Orient your PDF in the Acrobat Pro window in the direction you want it to come out of on the plotter. To quickly rotate your page, in Adobe Acrobat, press Ctrl+Shift+R

This means that the vertical axis of your screen will be in the direction that paper feeds through the plotter, and the horizontal axis of your screen will be the width of the paper. 

Step 3: Open your PDF in Adobe Acrobat and choose File>Print

1: In Adobe Acrobat, choose the plotter you wish to plot to.

2: Make sure “Actual Size” is selected.

3: Check on “Choose paper source by PDF sizeAND choose “Use custom paper size when needed

4: Choose “Auto portrait/landscape

5: Click Print to send your PDF to the plotters.

WARNING: Lots of vectors or your document takes a long time to plot? - Use the “Print As Image setting.

If your document has a lot of line work (vectors) click the “Advanced” button in the print settings window.  Click the ‘Print as Image’ checkbox in the Advanced window.  This setting will drastically speed up the processing time at the plotter when plotting. Do not go higher than 150 DPI.

Using the Manual Feed Plotters - refer to the instructions posted on the wall in the print rooms above the manual feed plotters.

Acrobat Software Bug:

The print preview dimensions in the Acrobat plot preview window are not always accurate to what will be printed. If you see dimensions in the print preview that don’t match your document, check them again in the document. If they are correct, but the print preview shows other numbers, you can print the document anyway and the plotter will still use the correct size.

If you are unsure about any printing or plotting settings, please see a DM staff member or a student print monitor. We are happy to answer questions at any time.

When printing color/line weight tests you must print to the same device that you are planning to use for your final document. Colors and line weights will match only between device types (i.e. all Presentation plotters, or all photocopiers). Print test strips prior to plotting to ensure colors and line weights match your intention.