Manual Feed Plotting Tutorial

Setting a Postscript Custom Page Size:

1. Create a PDF of your document, then open it in Adobe Acrobat. Enter the print driver settings by clicking on File -> Print, and then selecting the Properties button.

2. Select the Advanced tab.

3. Select Postscript Custom Page Size from the Paper Size drop-down menu.

4. Set the Paper Feed Direction to Short Edge First for a portrait print and Long Edge First for landscape.

5. Set the Paper Type to Cut Sheet.

6. Set the Width to the short dimension of your sheet. Set the Length to the long dimension of your sheet.
NOTE: These numbers don’t change whether you are in portrait or landscape mode.

7. Click OK on both windows and send your print through.

Loading the Manual Feed Plotters:

1. At the front panel, press: then press:

2. Press Paper, Paper load, then Load Sheet.

3. Select your paper category and type.

4. When prompted by the front panel, insert the sheet into the slot in front of the roll cover, putting the sheet as far to the right as possible. Load your sheet aligned with the load line and insert until the paper will not continue. With thicker sheets, you should feel some resistance.

5. Press the OK key on the front panel to feed the paper into the printer. Guide the sheet into the printer by pressing it down into the machine. This is especially important with thicker papers.

NOTE: The printer will then check the alignment and measure the sheet. If the sheet is not correctly aligned, you may be asked to correct the alignment. Please follow the instructions on the front-panel display.

From this point, follow the instructions on the front-panel display.