Labs and Equipment Stations

The School supports a range of labs and equipment stations. These labs are located within the School of Architecture Building and used exclusively by the Architecture Students.  These labs are in general available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Lab Overview:

6th Floor Computer Lab

Workstations = 20

Teaching Station

One 80” LCD Monitor

SB Computer Lab

Workstations = 34

Teaching Station

Two 80” LCD Monitors

Imaging Lab

2 Photography Stations

1 Lighted Photo Booth

Tethered SLR camera using Adobe Lightroom

3D Scanning Station

3D Printing Clusters

Ultimaker 2’s = 47

Dimension and Fortus 3D Printers

Taz 6 3D Printers = 6

Print Rooms & Plot Clusters

Photocopiers and Plotters located on each studio floor.

Laser Cutter Rooms

4 Laser Cutter Rooms - One on each studio floor

2 Laser Cutters per room

Virtual Workstations

Remote Desktop Connection