DM Emergency Contact

Digital Media After Hours Contact

Emergency Late Night Calling Service: (Only for File Server and Print Server Related Emergencies)

After midnight, if there is a problem with the File Server or Print Server, please call the Digital Media office main number at:


This will be routed to the Yale University Call Back Service. Please explain the emergency, and if severe, the Call Back Service will then phone a Digital Media Staff person depending on the emergency. 

Major emergencies: file server is down, print server is down, etc. 

If it is a minor emergency, they will not relay your message to a DM Staff person, but will leave a message for the staff so it can be addressed when they come in. 

Minor emergencies: Printer is out of Paper or Ink, I don’t know how to use the slide scanner. Individual workstation issues will be resolved next business day. Please use lab workstations in the meantime.