The School of Architecture provides a number of digital resources for students and faculty. This includes a workstation at every student’s studio desk, a vast array of software on each workstation, server storage, a wide array of labs, video conferencing rooms, and a number of university wide resources.

A workstation at every desk:

Every student is provided, at their studio desk, a school owned workstation preloaded with all of the School’s software.  Students register the workstation at the beginning of the semester.

Computer Spec’s:

  • 1 Terabyte Solid State Hard Drive
  • 32 Gigabytes of Ram
  • NVIDIA M2000 graphics Card
  • Two 20” Monitors
  • Administrative Access

Server Storage:

Each student gets 50 GB of cloud storage (Box @ Yale) for their own use while at the school.  Each class that a student is enrolled in will also receive unlimited storage for that class or studio during the semester for which that class is offered.

At the end of each semester, all of the class and studio folders are removed and archived.  Students and faculty can have past files recovered from the archive for a fee.  Please note, once these files are in the archive, you will only be able to recover files that were created by you and not the contents of the entire folder.

University Resources:

There are a number of resources that the University provides that are also available to students faculty and staff at the school.  These include: