Mobile 3D Laser Scanner


3D Laser Scanner: Quantity 1

Artec Eva

Scan Range 1 meter to 6 meters

This equipment is intended for use inside and outside the building.  It can be checked out for use in the schools imaging lab or at your studio desk.  If you plan to use this equipment outside of the building, you need to provide additional insurance and a laptop.  See below.

Tutorial on Scanning and editing mesh

Using this Equipment Outside the Architecture School Building requirements:

This equipment can also be checked out for use outside of the building.  However, in order to take it outside of the building, you will need to provide proof of personal property insurance for a minimum of $20,000.00 worth of coverage and have worldwide coverage before you will be allowed to take this equipment outside of the building.

If you do not already have personal property insurance, you can acquire this from here.

You will also need to provide a laptop capable of running the Artec Studio Software.  The DM office will install the software on your laptop.  This software will need to be uninstalled from the laptop once you are finished using the scanner.